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Quantum Nano-Photonics



File08a.JPGOur primary research interests are Quantum/Nonlinear Integrated Nano-Photonics and Optomechanics.  With the aid of well-developed nano-fabrication technologies, the integration of photonic components into a wafer yields an important turning point that promises a broad range of new applications and physics in Quantum Optics.  Non-classical light sources including microring resonator and silicon waveguides can be seamlessly integrated with photonic components creating a Quantum photonic circuit, and new proof-of-concept experiments will be performed.  

In addition, strong confinement of light can yield greatly enhanced light-matter interaction, especially photon-phonon interaction, to the unprecedented degree at nano-scales.  Quantum and Nonlinear behaviors of photon-phonon coupling will be investigated including novel optomechanical phenomena (squeezed light, cooling, phonon shuttling by self-oscillation, EIT-like effects, etc...).  Furthermore, RF photonics for various applications (Brillouin laser, optomechanical modulator, RF photonic filtering, etc.) using various light-matter interaction will be investigated with interdisciplinary collaboration.


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