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Welcome to QOQI Group

  The Quantum Optics & Quantum Information Group (QOQI) is a research group of the Department of Physics at POSTECH, Korea. The QOQI group focuses on experimental and theoretical quests of quantum optical effects arising from various light-matter interactions. 

  In the QOQI group, we explores novel quantum behaviors including atom-photon interactions, entangled photon pairs, quantum non-locality, electromagnetically-induced transparency, etc. We are also studying the use of these effects for photonic quantum information processing, quantum cryptography, and quantum-enhanced imaging and metrology.

  In addition, we seeks to develop next-generation hardware for quantum information by harnessing micro-/nano-fabrication technologies to quantum photonics. Non-classical states of light can be generated through micro/nano structures and integrated with other photonic circuits, producing an active quantum information processing device. Furthermore, we explore a host of micro/nano-structures for strong photon-phonon interactions.